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Our innovative approach

Viaretina has developed an analytical solution that deciphers visual pathways and measures the factors influencing online users' perception. Based on the results obtained, we provide concrete and actionable recommendations to enhance understanding of the offering and boost conversions.
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Our Method

We've developed a method based on three foundational pillars described below. The combination of these three pillars provides optimal visibility into the effectiveness of the design, facilitating quick comprehension of key messages and promoting the intended action.

Predictive Eye-Tracking

Artificial Intelligence simulates a lab-based Eye-Tracking study (evaluated at 92% reliability by MIT).

Large-Scale User Studies
Data collection from lab studies involving thousands of participants.

Machine Learning
Identification and modeling of predictive patterns associated with visual pathways.

Predictive Results
Prediction models are applied to both desktop and mobile screens.
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UX Metrics

Data-driven measurements to assess aesthetic aspects, and an objective evaluation grid to review the ergonomics and design of interactions.

Visual Design
Aesthetic review backed by objective data (AI).

Assessment of accessibility, usability, and ergonomics.

Interaction Design
Analysis of the user interface to enhance interactions.


Usage modeling and visualization of results.

Consideration of Scrolling and Devices
A proprietary model based on research simulates scrolling behavior depending on the device (Desktop vs. Mobile).

Scoring Model
Incorporates 15 metrics to determine the Viaretina score and its sub-scores (Load, Scan, Act).

Industry Expertise and Data Visualization
Graphical representation of data to support decision-making for Marketing and UX teams.
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We use this method to evaluate your digital content:
web pages, e-mails and mobile applications.

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Load, Scan, Act.

The 3 stages of the Visual Experience

When users discovers digital content, we break down their visual experience into three main stages: Load, Scan, Act. To simplify the interpretation of results, we have developed the Viaretina score, which measures the effectiveness of the design in driving conversion.

The Viaretina score is based on the sub-scores Load, Scan and Act, themselves based on 15 metrics.
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The first stage is based on content loading times and the way in which the first visual signals are returned, to confirm that the display process expected by the user is running smoothly.


This stage includes, from the very first seconds, the elements influencing the formation of the first impression, the visual path observed, the simplicity of the texts to be read and the order in which the elements are seen.


The content must facilitate rapid interpretation of key messages, and call-to-action (CTA). Usability and interaction design are also evaluated to help achieve objectives.
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"Superb solution, great analyses, thank you for the insights and recommendations that feeds the teams and serves the end customers 🤝"

Anais Degorre
Anaïs Degorre
Customer Communication Manager, Oney