Landing Page Audit

Increase your conversion rates

A comprehensive Landing Page audit is the fastest, most efficient way to determine why your landing page design isn't performing as well as it should be.
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Visual Experience Scores
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Get the most out of your visitor's attention

With our data-driven approach, get a detailed and in-depth analysis of your landing page design and expert recommendations on changes that will improve your visitor’s experience and increase conversions!
CRO Growth

Increase Conversions

Boost your conversions and revenue from the same traffic by harnessing visual attention on what matters.
Bounce Rate

Reduce Bounce Rate

Make sure your most important message and CTA are effectively seen in the first few seconds.
UX Research

Improve UX

We evaluate friction points and areas of improvement regarding the user experience on your landing page.
CPA Cost per Acquisition

Lower CPA

Reduce your cost-per-acquisition and drive a higher ROI for your PPC ad spend.

Our Landing Page Audit

You will receive a comprehensive report of over 30 pages. Our landing page report includes your final score, the results of the visual experience analysis and our personalized recommendations.
UX CRO Landing Page Scorecard

Visual Experience Score

How does your landing page design supports your conversion goals ?

Get a clear visibility on your landing page design performance. Compare the visual experience upon devices to ensure both desktop and mobile successfully support your business goals.
Top-level Visual Experience Score
Desktop & Mobile scores
Load, Scan & Act scores
Benchmark comparison
Landing Page Loading Performance KPIs


How fast does your visual design and your page load?

Retaining users is crucial to improving conversions. Slow sites have a negative impact on revenue, and the opposite is also true.
Page Speed Score
First Contentful Paint
Largest Contentful Paint
Heatmap Eye Tracking overview


How visually appealing is your design? Which areas of your copy will grab the user's attention?

First impression matters. The most dominant sense in majority of people is our sight.  Identify visual attention errors and gain deeper insights to consumer visual engagement.
Aesthetic Review
Content Readability
Visual Attention Heat Maps
Gaze Path
UX Visual Metrics


How easily will users see and interact with the content?

The call to action is a key ingredient to any effective landing page. We evaluate the CTA placement, design and the surrounding areas of interest like headline and hero image.
Call-to-Action Efficiency
Content Viewability & Processing Order
Email Recommendations


The analysis informs recommendations on how to optimize your landing page design, improve business performance, and increase ROI.
Custom recommendations for solving the problems found
Prioritization according to the level of severity
Areas of improvement to increase conversions

Which Landing Page do you want to optimize?

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Karine Roux
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How it works?

Our 4-steps process

Once we agree about the landing pages to assess, you receive your report 5 business days later in your inbox. Then, we plan a delivery meeting to discuss about the findings and concrete actions.

Contact & Scope

The first step is to get in touch and to define the landing pages you want to assess.


We evaluate your design and perform our algorithms to score your landing page. We review your results and prepare a set of recommendations.

Report Delivery

We prepare the final report based on the conducted analysis with recommendations for improving user experience and conversion rates.

Delivery Meeting

We present the results and discuss possible solutions with you and your stakeholders during a video-conference meeting.

Boost your conversion rates

Get a clear, pragmatic view of the experience offered on your Landing Pages. Beyond insights, we'll advise you on how to deliver an optimal experience and ensure your success!
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