Mockup Audit

Secure and Optimize Your New Page Launch Predictively!

Utilizing artificial intelligence and our unique methodology, we predict the visual experience from a realistic mockup of your upcoming web page. This allows you to evaluate, measure, and obtain actionable recommendations before the costly development phase begins, ensuring a secure and optimal launch.
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Visual Experience Scores
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Secure and Optimize UX and Conversions of Your Web Pages Right from the Mockup Phase!

Through our data-driven approach and Predictive Eye-Tracking, receive a thorough and detailed analysis of your mockup design along with expert advice on making changes that will enhance the user experience for your future visitors.
Eye Tracking


Analyze the proposed visual experience predictively. Discover where visual attention will focus on your future web pages.
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Measure design effectiveness based on its ability to create a strong first impression and effectively draw attention to key elements.


Compare your results with our Viaretina benchmark to see how you measure up in the market. Comparing two mockups? We handle it!


Beyond objective data, we provide insights to further improve your mockup and meet UX and conversion challenges optimally.

Mockup Audit

Receive a comprehensive report of over 30 pages. Our visual experience report includes your final score, analysis results, and personalized recommendations.
Visual Experience Score overview

Visual Experience Score Overview

How does your design support your goals?

Obtain a clear view of your mockup design's performance. Compare visual experiences across devices to ensure that both mobile and desktop versions successfully support your business objectives.
Overall visual experience score
Desktop & Mobile scores
Scan & Act scores
Benchmark comparison
Clear and Reading Ease Scores

First Impression and Visual Attention

Is your design visually appealing? Which parts of your page capture user attention?

The first impression matters. Sight is the most dominant sense for most people. Identify errors in the proposed visual path and gain deeper insights into consumer visual engagement.
Visual clarity score
Content Reading Ease
Visual Attention Heat Maps
Content visibility (visual hierarchy)
CTA Efficiency Matrix

Enhancing Calls to Action

How easily can users see and interact with the content?

The call to action is a crucial element of any effective landing page. We assess the placement of the call to action, its design, and the surrounding areas of interest such as the headline and main image.
Call-to-Action Efficiency
Content Viewability & Processing Order
Email Recommendations


The analysis enables us to make recommendations on how to optimize your mockup design, improve business performance, and increase return on investment.
Custom recommendations to address identified issues
Prioritization according to the level of severity
Areas of improvement to increase conversions

Which Mockup Do You Want to Challenge?

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"The conducted study revealed the unseen elements at the website's entrance, and it allowed us to reposition the key elements according to our objectives. It also reinforced positions taken at the beginning of the design in our workshops. The presentation was very clear, accessible, and adhered well to the planned timing."

Matthieu Atlani
Matthieu Atlani
Head of UX & Engagement, LE POINT
How it works?

Our 4-steps process

Once we agree on the realistic mockups to evaluate, you receive your report 5 business days later in your inbox. Then, we organize a debriefing meeting to discuss the results and actions to be taken.

Contact & Scope

The first step is to get in touch and define the mockups you want to evaluate.


We evaluate your design and use our algorithms to assess your mockup. We review your results and prepare a set of recommendations.

Report Delivery

We deliver the final report based on the analysis conducted, with recommendations to improve user experience and conversion rates.

Delivery Meeting

We present the results and discuss possible solutions with you and your stakeholders during a video-conference meeting.

Secure and Optimize UX and Conversions Predictively!

Gain a clear and pragmatic view of the proposed experience on your digital content. Beyond insights, we provide advice to offer an optimal experience and ensure your success!
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