Challenge Your Design, Optimize Your Conversion Funnel

Design is crucial. If your most important content isn't seen within a few seconds, chances are you've lost a significant portion of your audience. Viaretina's metrics and insights enable you to make concrete improvements to visual design and user experience, ensuring your conversion funnel is optimized from the start.
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Benefits for E-commerce Teams

CRO Growth

Maximize Conversions

Enhance your conversions and revenue by optimizing the entire conversion funnel.
Bounce Rate

Minimize Bounce Rate

Ensure your value proposition and CTA are immediately visible to prevent drop-offs.
UX Research

Enhance UX

We pinpoint friction points and improvement areas within the conversion funnel.

Your Visitors' Experience is Primarily Visual

In the attention economy, differentiating yourself is key. Through our data-driven approach, obtain thorough analysis of your key page designs and expert advice to optimize your conversion funnel and increase conversions!
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Visualize Visitor Attention

Identify what truly captures your prospects' attention. Understanding the impact of design choices on audience focus helps refine the conversion funnel.
Visual Hierarchy Viewability Score

Prioritize Key Elements

Ensure visitors focus on crucial elements within your conversion funnel. Minimize the prominence of secondary and decorative features to maintain clear and immediate attention on essential components.
UX Visual Metrics

Identify and Remove Barriers

Detect and measure obstacles within your conversion funnel that hinder higher conversion rates. We convert these insights into quick, actionable recommendations.
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Make Informed Decisions

Viaretina demonstrates how your design influences audience attention, helping you create consensus by visually validating creative decisions with scientific backing.
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"Our experience was pleasant and extremely captivating from the first contact to the final analysis delivery. The analytical method used is innovative and stands out from usual practices."

Damien Michaud
Damien Michaud
E-commerce Manager, La Compagnie du Ponant

Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Every micro interaction within your conversion funnel is crucial. Gain a clear and practical view of the proposed experience on your digital content. Beyond insights, we provide advice to optimize your conversion funnel and ensure your success!
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